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    As anyone who has an Italian friend knows, you can’t visit their home without being offered a drink or some food within the first five minutes. This feeling of Italian Hospitality was always something Giatano (Tony) Bompezzi practiced in all his years of operating Joe’s Store in Owosso. All his customers were also his friends, and he always had a little something to offer his guests. That tradition of home and hospitality was carried on for many years by Tony’s son in-law and son, John and Vince. They always greeted customers with a welcoming smile - everyone was a friend at Joe’s Store. It was there that I learned just how to take care of my “guests”. In keeping with the family tradition of welcoming hospitality, my wife Patti and I have decided that it’s time to share our love of great food and fun with everybody here at Smokin' Johnny V's Barbecue Bistro. I have been smoking meats low and slow, making real authentic barbecue for many years, and it’s just the thing she and I want everyone to enjoy! Remember when you come to Smokin’ Johnny V’s for authentic smokehouse BBQ, and some surprises from our family kitchen (that's the "Bistro"), you’re not just a customer, you’re our guest!